Summary of Vermont Recording Fee Changes

Per H.526 (approved by VT Legislature 2019 session)

32 V.S.A. §1671      Effective: July 1, 2019

Document recording fees $10/page $15/page
PTTR (Property transfer tax return) $10/document $15/document
Survey plat recording fees $15/sheet $25/sheet
Certified copy of records (no change) $10/page $10/page
Examination of records (vault time) $2/hour $4/hour

* Documents include all items recorded in the land records (deeds, mortgages, assignments, liens, releases, permits)

* Multiple assignments or releases included on one document are charged $15/assignment or release.

The Mendon Town Clerk’s office serves the public by recording important documents such as mortgages, deeds, liens and maps and storing them in the Town Vault.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Recording Fees are $15.00 per page for all documents recorded. Make checks payable to the Town of Mendon.
  • Recording Mylars are $10.00 per map.
  • Copies of land records are $1.00 per page. Certified copies are $10.00.
  • All deeds conveying property (even if no money is exchanged) must have a Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return. There is a $15.00 filing fee for this form. Contact the Vermont State Tax Department for information on this form: (802)828-2542
  • Vermont records all Land Records by Town or City. There is no county recording system in Vermont. We only record documents pertaining to Mendon property.  For a complete listing of all the Town/City Clerks in Vermont see the Secretary of State web site or Vermont Town Clerk Guide
  • The property address is required on all documents. This vital information will make it possible for us to give you more access to city wide property data and make your title search easier!
  •  Our Recording turn-around time is usually two weeks. Please contact us if your documents have not been returned to you if it has been more than three weeks after you sent them to us.
  •  We regret we cannot give out recording information over the phone.
  •  Unfortunately, we cannot provide search services due to staff limitations.


To serve all our customers better, follow these tips for optimal efficiency when your documents are sent in for recording:

  • Double check all documents for the necessary signatures & dates
  • Print or type name of party under their signature
  • Save money (& our vault space) by economizing when possible on the number of pages submitted for recording. Combining one and a half letter sized pages onto one legal page is OK!
  • A cover letter with your name & phone number is helpful if we have questions
  • Names should be spelled consistently on all documents. For example: John T. Smith; J. Thomas Smith; J. T. Smith or Jonathan Smith would all show up differently in a computer search. Likewise with hyphenated names. Please give directions on indexing unusual last names
  • When filling out the Vermont Property Transfer Tax Form, make sure the information in section B is accurate and clearly printed. This vital information provides us with the data to update that parcel’s owner info for all city departments.
  • Again, the property address should be on every document. The customer’s mailing address does not meet this requirement as the addresses are often different.

Copying Fees are as follows:

  • Land records $1.00/page
  • Copies .25/page
  • Researcher Time Charge $4.00/hr
  • Certified Copy $10.00