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Starting July 1, 2020, state law (Act 69 of 2019) prohibits stores and food service establishments from providing the following single-use products:

  • Single-use plastic carryout bags* at the point of sale. This does not apply to bags used for prescription meds, dry cleaning, produce bags, and other small bags that are not at the point of sale. Single-use paper bags can be offered at the point of sale for a minimum customer charge of 10 cents per bag, which stores keep.
  • Expanded polystyrene (commonly called Styrofoam) food and beverage containers* including foam cups, take-out and to-go containers, plates, trays, and cartons for eggs or other food. NOTE: Starting July 1, 2020, these products may not be sold in Vermont. These prohibitions do not apply to meat and fish packaging or food packaged out-of-state or sold out-of-state.
  • Plastic straws* except they can be given upon customer request. Hospitals, nursing homes, independent and assisted living, and residential care facilities can provide plastic straws.
  • Plastic Stirrers*
    *Inventory Exemption: Stores and food service establishments that purchased these single-use products before
    May 15, 2019 have until July 1, 2021 to use up the previously purchased product.

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