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The Town of Mendon on June 26, 2020 completed the installation of a dry hydrant at 5704 US Route 4 in Mendon, VT. The installation of this dry hydrant is part of a comprehensive program to improve fire protection in the rural portions of Mendon.   The Rutland City Fire Department provides fire protection to the Town of Mendon through an annual contract.  Mendon is in the process of improving fire protection in town by installing dry hydrants and other Rural Fire Protection (RFP) systems to improve the availability and accessibility of water for firefighting purposes. The Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force through the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts (VACD) provided assistance to Mendon in developing a plan to improve water supply in Mendon. The Vermont Legislature approved appropriations to assist communities in installing dry hydrants to improve fire protection in the rural area of Vermont. The Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force with the assistance of the VACD administers the grant program. Dry hydrants and other RFP systems are a preferred method of providing water for firefighting in areas where there are no water mains. A dry hydrant consists of a 6 to 8 inch pipe with a fitting to which a pump/tanker truck can attach. The pipe connects to a water source (pond or stream) that can supply at least 60,000 gallons under drought conditions.

The town would like to thank R&B Investments, LLC for the ability to install the hydrant in their private pond and the ability to maintain the equipment through a granted easement.  This project was also made possible by the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation granting access to the dry hydrant from Route 4. 

The construction of the project was completed under contract with Mendon Trucking and Excavating

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