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The Mendon Town Office will be closed Thursday October 4, 2018 so the staff can attend the Annual Town Fair and Monday October 8, 2018 in observance of Columbus Day.

We are sorry for any inconvenience

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Monday September 3 – Labor Day

Thursday October 4 – Town Fair

Monday October 8 – Columbus Day

Monday November 12 – Veterans Day observed

Wednesday November 21, Thursday November 22 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday December 24, Tuesday December 25 – Christmas Holiday

Monday December 31, Tuesday January 1 – News Years Holiday

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Table of Contents:

Section 1. Authority

Section 2. Purpose

Section 3. Definitions

Section 4. Violations

Section 5.  Penalties

Section 6.  Enforcement

Section 7.   Other Laws

Section 8.   Severability

Section 9.  Effective Date


The False Alarm ordinance was adopted by the Town of Mendon Selectboard on August 27th, 2018. This Ordinance shall become effective 60 days after the adoption unless a petition is filed under 24 V.S.A. § 1973. The voters of the Town of Mendon have the right to petition the Selectboard to reconsider the adoption of this ordinance at a Special Town Meeting provided that such petition is presented to either the Selectboard or Town Clerk no later than October 10, 2018.

A full text of the of the ordinance can be examined at the Mendon Town Office and the Mendon Website at Any voter with questions pertaining to this ordinance may contact Sara Tully, Mendon Town Administrator at 802-775-1662 or 2282 US Route 4, Mendon, VT 05701.


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** Update 10/2/18:  On October 1, 2018, the voters of the Town of Mendon approved Article 1 & 2 as warned.


Special Town Meeting –October 1, 2018

Mendon Town Office

2282 US Route 4, Mendon, Vermont


The legal voters of the Town of Mendon are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Mendon Town Office on Monday, October 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM to transact all business.


Article 1 –         Shall the Town give the Selectboard general authority to enter into tax stabilization contracts with owners of commercial property pursuant to 24 VSA §2741 (b)(1)?


Article 2-          Shall the Town create a Mendon Economic Development Reserve Fund and allocate the funds from the Contingency Reserve Fund to the Mendon Economic Development Reserve Fund?


Dated at Mendon, Vermont on this 27nd day of August, 2018




/s/ Richard Wilcox                                                                    /s/ Nancy Gondella, Town Clerk


/s/ Geoff Wells


/s/ Scott Bradley

Special Town Meeting Warning 2018