The Old Town Hall Sub-committee completed their final report and submitted it to the Selectboard on October 9, 2017.

The purpose of this committee was to determine what the town should do with the building.  The goal of the committee was to objectively look at the building to present to the Selectboard all viable uses for the building and costs associated with renovation and the annual operation costs associates with those uses.  The Committee also considered the possibility of moving, selling or tearing down the building.

Old Town Hall Sub-committee Members:

Richard Wilcox, Chair

Ann Singiser, Vice-chair

Fred Bagley

Jennifer Bagley

Mike Barone

Phil Douglas

Steve Singiser



Old Town Hall Sub Committee Report October 2017

060217minutes Old Town Hall Subcommitee

Old Town Hall Subcommittee 05182017

Old Town Office Subcommittee 5-11-16





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