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Date: June 17, 2019

To: All Mendon Property Owners

RE: Lottery for Maple Logs (possibly some Birch)

The Town of Mendon has contracted with Trees, Inc. to remove two large maple and some large limbs from a birch tree at the Tenney Cemetery on Meadowlake Drive. The wood could be processed for fire wood.  It is expected there could be one to two truck loads of logs from this project.  The Selectboard is allowing interested parties to sign up for a lottery to receive the wood at no charge to the property owner.  The names will be drawn at random with the first name receiving the first available truck load, the second name receiving the second truck load (if available) and so on.  The wood will be delivered by Trees, Inc.  Property Owner must express interest to the Town of Mendon Selectboard via written notice or email to by June 25, 2019.


  1. Must be a Mendon Property Owner to enter the lottery.
  2. Delivery address must be a property within the Town of Mendon. The town reserves the right to deny delivery based on location and access to the property.
  3. Property Owner must agree to take the entire truck and will not be able to accept only a partial load or certain type of wood.
  4. Log lengths and size will vary.  The trees are 2’ in diameter.
  5. Schedule for delivery will be determined by the progress of the project which is based on scheduling by the Town of Mendon with Trees, Inc. The Town will provide at least 24 hours notice for delivery.
  6. Notice to enter the lottery must be in writing with the Property Owner’s name, address, email and phone number as well as a clear description of the delivery address and location where the logs will be delivered. Example: “Joe Smith, 2282 US Route 4, Mendon, VT 05701,, 802-775-XXXX, deliver to 2282 US Route 4, at the end of the driveway to the left side of the garage.” The Road Commissioner will inspect the location for delivery if he is not already familiar with the location.

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