Tax Rates

The overall tax rate is comprised of the Municipal Tax Rate and the Education Tax Rate.  The tax rates are per $100 of property valuation.
A current breakdown of the tax rate can be located here:
The state of Vermont currently lists the Education Property Tax Rates on their website.  There are currently 2 tax rates applied to properties throughout the state of Vermont, a homestead tax rate (applied to properties owned and occupied by Vermont residents) and a non-homestead tax rate (applied to properties that have not been homesteaded), the property tax bill calculations will be affected by which rate is used. For a more in depth definition of “homestead” and “non-homestead” please refer to the state statute 32 V.S.A § 5401

Homestead Tax Rate

In order to have your property classified as Homestead you must file the HS 122 with your state income tax returns.  If your property transferred or there was a change in the resident status you may need to file a Homestead Certification form.  This is statutorily mandated reporting for anyone who owns property in Vermont.  There is no extension for this process and there may be penalties imposed during the property tax billing cycle.

The final deadline for filing your HS122 return and receive the homestead classification is October 15. If you anticipate filing for an Income Sensitivity Adjustment (state tax credit aka state payment), it is important that you file the homestead each year. Further specific information regarding Homestead filing can be found at the Tax Department website or by calling 1-866-828-2865 (toll free in Vermont) or 1-802-828-2865 (local and out-of-state).