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There was a discussion about health insurance at Town Meeting.  Below are the details about 2024 health insurance funding.

Selectboard Meeting Minutes 11/13/23:

Health Insurance S. Tully submitted funding recommendations for health insurance for 2024. The town has funded health insurance premiums at 92.75% and the employees pay 7.25% of premiums. Employees have the option to purchase the plan that best suits their needs. They can buy up to purchase the premium plan or utilize funds to purchase a high deductible plan with the implementation of an HSA. MVP currently has lower rates then Blue Cross Blue shield by 3.5%. Health insurance is increasing for two reasons one is the percent increase from the rates and the second is the makeup of employees and what plans they are eligible for. In 2023 the town spent $107,402 on health insurance and it’s expected that in 2024 this will increase to $123,647. This amount is reduced by $17,000 because the new employees will not be eligible for health insurance based on their probationary period. V. Taylor move to approve the 2024 funding levels as recommended.

2024 Funding Levels     BUYOUT

SINGLE                                12,186                               4874

TWO PERSON                 24,372                                 9749

PARENT/CHILD               23,519                                 9407

FAMILY                                 34,242                                 13697

Motion seconded by S. Bridge. The Selectboard unanimously approved the motion.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Sara Tully , 802-558-3935

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