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What: The Barstow School Board would like your input on whether the voters should refine the
Barstow School Choice options. More specifically, the change being considered is to limit the
options to the three public schools used by 95% of Barstow graduates: Rutland High School, Otter
Valley High School and Proctor High School.
Why?: The Barstow School Board has set a focus on ensuring all students have equitable
opportunities to access a rigorous education. The current school choice model of public and
private schools does not allow for equitable access for all students.
● Private schools do not enroll students who require services beyond basic education
services and many have by-laws that deny access to particular groups of students by
such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, language,
culture, ability or accessibility needs, socioeconomic status, citizenship, creed, religion,
tribal status.
● Public schools are required to follow anti-discrimination laws and provide access to all
● 95% of Barstow families choose Rutland High School, Otter Valley High School and
Proctor High School. Many private school options are only accessible to families who
can pay the difference between the public school tuition amounts and the remainder of
charged tuition. This creates inequitable access for Chittenden and Mendon students.
● Wide open choice to public and private schools impacts budget stability and planning.
● Taxes in Chittenden and Mendon currently pay for both private and public school choices
with no ability to oversee equitable admissions processes.
Impact: Choosing three public school high school options continues to allow high school choice
for Mendon and Chittenden residents while ensuring tax dollars are being spent at schools which
are academically and financially accessible for all Barstow students.
Learn more:
● Barstow School Board will hold a virtual forum to discuss these options on
September 9, 2021 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. The Zoom link will be on the school website
the day of the forum.
● Reference: Vermont regulations for school districts not maintaining a high school 16 V.S.A.
§ 827

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