The Town of Mendon Selectboard formally created the Mendon Economic Development Committee (MEDC) on October 9, 2017.  Anyone interested in serving on the committee or participating by providing feedback for the committee, please contact Sara Tully, Town Administrator at the Town Office, 775-1662.  MEDC meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Mendon Economic Development Committee Members:

Fred Bagley, Mendon Planning Commission (alternate)

Cort Jones, People’s United

Mark Latzky, Virtual Solutions

Sara Tully, Town Administrator (alternate)

Dick Wilcox, Mendon Selectboard

MEDC’s Goals and Objectives Development.

  1. Grow the Grand List
  2. Diversify Commercial Business
  3. Promote Residential Development
  4. Create a Brand for Mendon
  5. Community Outreach Locally and Regionally

Mission Statement (11/14/17):

To promote economic stability and growth in the town of Mendon through the retention of existing business, recruitment of new business and industry, promotion of residential property value and to provide the resources that advance the general well-being of the community.

Minutes & Agendas:  Meetings are held at the Mendon Town Office

MEDC 2-12-19 minutes

MEDC 2-12-19 Agenda

MEDC 12-11-18 Agenda

Joint Meeting with Selectboard, Planning Commission and MEDC  11-5-18 minutes

MEDC 9-18-18 minutes

MEDC 9-18-18 Agenda

MEDC 8-22-18 minutes

MEDC 8-21-18 Agenda  This meeting was postponed until 8/22/18

MEDC 7-17-18 minutes

MEDC 7-17-18 Agenda

MEDC 7-10-18 Agenda  This meeting was postponed until 7/17/18.

MEDC 6-6-18 minutes

MEDC 6-6-18 Agenda

MEDC 3-27-18 minutes

MEDC 3-27-18 Agenda

MEDC 2-20-18 minutes

MEDC 2-20-18 Agenda

MEDC 1-16-18 Agenda

MEDC 1-16-18 minutes

MEDC 11-14-17 minutes  Supplemental Information:  Brandon Tax Stabilization Policy Sample Survey from Creative Economy Open Air Committee 2008 Vermont Council on Rural Development Village Center Designation Program

MEDC 11-14-17 Agenda

MEDC 10-24-17 minutes

MEDC 10-24-17 Agenda

MEDC 10-5-17 minutes