The Board of Civil Authority members are all elected officials of the Town of Mendon and derive their charges from State Law.  The duties vary from performing civil marriages, notary public, hears appeals regarding assessed values and work with the Town Clerk in running all elections which include maintaining the voter checklist, testing of tabulating machines, and working the polls on election day.

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2021 Reappraisal  


The Board does not meet on a regular basis but as needed.  They meet every year in late July or early August to begin hearing tax appeals and approximately 2 weeks before every election.

BCA Rules of Procedure

BCA Informational Handout


The Board of Civil Authority is comprised of the Selectboard (3 members), Justice of Peace (7 members) and the Town Clerk.  All members of the Board are elected officials.

Justices of the Peace and Town Clerk:

Rich Carlson

Susannah Loffredo

Lindsey MacCuaig

Betsy Reddy

Jim Reddy

Ann Singiser

Al Wakefield

Nancy Gondella – Clerk

(All Justice of the Peace members are up for re-election in November 2022 & Nancy Gondella is an appointed Town Clerk)

Selectboard members:

Valorie Taylor

Seth Bridge

Lisa Brooks

If you wish to contact the Board of Civil Authority, please call Nancy Gondella at 802-775-1662 or send a letter to:

Mendon Board of Civil Authority

c/o Nancy Gondella, Town Clerk

2282 US Route 4
Mendon, VT 05701

If you are appealing your assessed value after your meeting with the Town Assessor (during the grievance timeline in the spring) you must submit your appeal in writing to the Clerk of the BCA at the address listed above within the state mandated timeline.  For more information contact either the Town Clerk at 802-775-1662 or the Town’s Assessor at 802-496-9689.